Groundwork RVA is a proud member of the national Groundwork USA network. The Groundwork program engages the public sector, the private sector and the community in addressing challenges in urban communities.

Groundwork was founded in Merseyside, England in 1980 in response to a jump in youth related community challenges. Through its program of youth engagement, and by fostering community ownership, the organization successfully served as a conduit for community improvement as the program reduced crime, saw levels of education rise, and transformed more of the formerly troubled youth into productive members of society.

The success of the program saw it grow from one city to more than 50 cities within the U.K. Stories about the successful endeavor travelled across the Atlantic to the U.S. and in 1996, the US National Park Service, through the Department of the Interior, studied the initiative, and shared its goals with Congress. The introduction of the program into the US took the organization in new directions.

The US effort began with an initial pilot program in three New England cities. By the beginning of 2013, Groundwork USA had expanded to over 20 cities across the US.